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We gladly welcome you on the website of our dental office in Hannover. If you are considering dental treatment and you are looking for an english speaking dentist in Hannover or Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) please take a look on our services. We can assure you that our performance is on cutting edge of the dental treatment. We offer you the highest standard of care, vast experience, severe hygiene policy, latest equipment, and state of the art technology. And last but not the least our charges capable of competing with those of dental clinics and practices in other countries.

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Modern dental care offers a wide range of different treatment options. Our team of dentists and the dental staff will work with you to select the optimum solution for your specific dental situation. Please feel free anytime to ask us for further information.

Dentist Hannover-Services you can get in our Dental Office in Hannover


We are glad to maintain your teeth healthy and in a good condition. However if you have missing teeth and you wish to replace them we offer you a broad range of appropriate dental treatment and prosthetics to gain a new and natural smile. We can offer you metal free natural looking crowns, inlays and bridges made out of full ceramics or the new high tech ceramic zirconia. Of course you can get here also the regular PFM crowns.


The best way to restore chipped, stained or worn teeth mosthly in the upper front jaw. Also best suited to improve gummy smiles, close unsightly gaps or enhance overall smile whiten permanently stained, yellow or discolored teeth. We offer you both type of veneers:

  • The conventional veneers or thick ones (up to 1 millimeter thick) where a small amount of tooth substance needs to be removed prior inserting the veneers.
  • The No Prep Veneers or the thin ones (0.3 millimeters thin) are designed to be bonded on non-prepared teeth. The Lumineers ™ fall into this category.


LUMINEERS are unique in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 to 0,3mm) and ultra translucent. While traditional veneers are much thicker, requiring the grinding down of your original tooth structure, LUMINEERS are so thin, little to no tooth reduction is necessary. Unlike traditional veneers, with LUMINEERS, there are no shots, no drilling of sensitive tooth structure, and no pain. They’re even reversible, so you have nothing to lose.
Our practice is certified for the use of the original LUMINEERS no prep veneers.

Smile Makeover and Smile Enhancement

The smile is the first thing people are noticing when they see you. A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth coloured fillings and teeth whitening. This procedures are a life changing and extraordinary procedures. If you are unhappy about your smile for some reason we are glad to help you create your new smile you have ever dreamed of. If you have wrinkles or sagging skin at the corner of you mouth you can take the unwanted years of aging away by doing a smile enhancement. We use modern techniques of diagnostic like wax-up and mock-up or dental imaging to give you a preview of the expected outcome and make you able to asses the results afore we go ahead with the dental treatment.


We replace old amalagam fillings with modern composite material fillings. Composite fillings are not only healthier, they look great. No more metal mouth, and they are resistant and long lasting.

Treatment under general anaesthesia and sedation – painless treatment

Progress in modern anesthesia allows even comprehensive dental procedures to be conducted as a day surgery. An experienced anesthetist team controls the general anesthesia and monitors you in the recovery room.
Conscious sedation is available for minor procedures as well for major procedures. You will be sedated but will still remain conscious. You can rely on an experienced anesthetist team.

Dental laboratory

We work closely with dental laboratories in Hannover runned by dental master technicians on whose quality we can rely absolutely so we can offer you quality prosthetics – inlay, crowns, bridges or dentures to affordable prices.


Bleaching gives you white teeth again and gives you a brilliant smile. Unattractive interdental spaces and tooth surfaces can be improved by veneering.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontitis is a disease of the gums that cause tooth loss if it is not treated. We offer regular prophylaxis and modern treatment methods.


Root canal treatment for both front and rear teeth is one of our main focus in our practice. We offer root canal length mesurement with modern devices like apex locator. This is a very good method to perform the length mesurement especially by pregnant, gag reflex or the one who do not have X-Rays to be done

Pediatric dentistry

We put emphasis on a sound mouth hygiene in the childhood and teach children how to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Good care of the first set of teeth is the best basis for healthy teeth as an adult. The treatment of early decay, detection and treatment of malfunction and prophylaxis are part of our concept for maintaining the dental health of our young patients.

Prophylaxis and air sweeping

We offer professional tooth cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and we also offer regular examinations to prevent caries and periodontitis. Advanced cleaning procedures like teeth sweeping with the AirFlow® method can be used anytime for effective removal of dental plaque and staining induced by smoking, coffee or red wine.

Functional diagnostics

Malformation of the jaw, early tooth loss or bad habits can cause problems in the jaw joint, radiating pain and other complications. Functional diagnostics can detect the causes and treat them appropriately. Also we can use the functional diagnosis when replacing missing teeth with comprehensive dental work like bridges or removable dentures.

Dental implants

With dental implants missing teeth can be replaced perfectly, because they are the closest possible substitute for nature both functionally and esthetically. Dental implants also mean that it is not necessary to grind neighboring teeth and they can also prevent bone resorption.

Dental day surgery

Many procedures do not require admission to hospital. We offer modern surgical techniques and atraumatic anesthetic procedures. You can return home immediately after treatment. We correct problems such as infection foci with microsurgical techniques and atraumatic procedures and retain your teeth. If necessary, we also remove displaced or infected teeth.

Treatment under local anaesthesia

We can offer almost all procedures as day surgery with a modern anesthetic procedure to prevent pain such as local anesthesia and a highly qualified medical team.

Dentist Hannover-Services
Services offered by our Dental Partners in Hannover

If you need some of the following dental procedures we will be glad to help you further and refer you to our cooperation partner for undergoing speciality dental treatment or other investigation.

Oral surgery

For deeply embedded wisdom teeth or canines or comprehensive jaw or sinus surgery we allow us to refer you to our partner dental surgeon.

Modern 3D radiographic technology

Our partner dental practices use modern 3D imaging technology for accurate diagnostics and treatment planning. Computed tomography gives a spatial image of the anatomical structures and shows even the smallest details.


With orthodontics we can prevent and treat malformations of the teeth and jaws to retain a functional occlusion and the harmony of the face. This treatment is beeing done in our partner orthodontics dental practice.

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